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Past Events

The following presentations, links and studies relate to the presenters and events BCFT has hosted in the past.

BCFT Annual General Meeting, September 23, 2014

Sharon H. Kneebone, IOM, CAE, IFT Director of Membership, presents
The IFT Section Update

BCFT Speakers Night, January 9, 2013

Jennifer Black, PhD RD, presents
Thinking about the Connections between Neighbourhood Context, Food Availability and Health

Read more about her topic of study:

Black, J.L. and Day, M. 2012. "Availability of limited service food outlets surrounding schools in British Columbia." Can J Public Health 103(4): 255-259.

Black, J.L., Macinko, J., Dixon, L. B., & Fryer, J. G. E. 2010. "Neighborhoods and obesity in New York City". Health & Place 16(3):489-99.

BCFT Pacific Northwest IFT Technical Conference: 21st Century Food Industry Trends, September 13 - 14, 2012

John Ruff, IFT President, presents
BCFT Pacific Northwest IFT Technical Conference opening remarks

Peter Taylor, Executive Director, Canadian Celiac Association, presents
What gluten-free processing means to celiacs

Lorraine McIntyre, BC Center for Disease Control, presents
Learning from our past: Perspectives on food-borne illnesses

Desiree Nielsen, Nutrition Operations Manager, Choices Markets &
Antonio Cerullo, Executive Chef, Choices Markets, presents
Serving up exciting food: 2012 food and nutrition trends

John Ruff, IFT President, presents
In defence of processed food

Videos played within John Ruff's presentation:

BCFT Suppliers' Night Seminars, March 2, 2011

National Sunflower Association presents
Formulating Products with heart healthy sunflower oil

BCFT Salt Reduction Seminar, November 25, 2010

Dr. Susan Barr presents
Sodium: setting the context

Dr. Gary Sandberg presents
Overcoming the technical challenges of reduced salt formulations